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The New York City skyline is one of the most well-know, breathtaking landmarks in the country. The uniquely shaped office buildings, skyscrapers, restaurants and museums combine to create a truly awe-inspiring view. New York is home to some amazing design qualities from slanted roofs to beautiful glass panels. However, sometimes the most unique buildings can often be the most difficult to decorate.

At Distinctive Window Treatment Plus, we specialize in fabricating and installing commercial window treatments for the NYC area. Don’t be afraid of an office space with large windows, slanted ceilings or an unusual layout any longer! We are here to help – no space is too large and no job too complex for us.


Commercial window treatment services:


  • Pre-construction collaboration: We will meet with you before your property is even built to determine the correct design, product selections, pricing and scheduling that fits your schedule and budget.
  • Expertise in wiring and integration solutions: Our experts have been doing this for a long time, and we are confident you’ll be satisfied with our timely and superior results.
  • A project manager to overview all aspects of each project: We are proud to provide you with a personal project manager who will be there for you each step of the way with every project you complete.
  • Supplemental information as needed: We will happily provide you and your team with wiring diagrams, sketches, product comparisons, samples and technical information at no additional cost to you.
  • Guaranteed quality: We guarantee our workmanship, professional installation and any follow up services will be to your satisfaction. We take great pride in our products and we want you to be 100 percent happy with us.
  • A multitude of fabric choices: Our selection of fabric solutions includes Green Eco-Friendly products.
  • Blueprint interpretation: No project is too difficult for our team. We will work with you and your drawings to ensure we find the perfect solution.
  • Platinum Lutron Dealer: Distinctive Window Treatments Plus is a Platinum Lutron Dealer, and we are also experienced in the application and installation of all other leading window treatment products.

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