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Custom interior shutters offer visual appeal, control of light, and privacy while enhancing the allure and décor of any room. We’ll help you consider the amount of light you want to block, the characteristics of your room, the size of your windows, and more, in order to choose the best shutters for your home.



We offer different shutter options depending on the size and shape of your windows, and your preferred style:

Traditional/Colonial Shutters

Small and narrow. Traditional style 1 ¼” horizontal shutters in a ¾” thick frame. Work best with brownstones, early American, or country décor.

Plantation/Cafe Shutters

Large and wide. Varying louver/slat sizes. A more contemporary window treatment. When open, they offer great sunlight, a nice view, and ventilation. When closed, they allow almost complete privacy and block out sunlight and heat.


We offer shutters made of true wood, faux wood, or poly synthetics. There are benefits to each material, depending on your needs.


True wood shutters

Made from quality woods such as oak, maple, alder, or pine. Will not warp, chip, crack, or peel. They help to insulate against heat, cold, and noise and will stand up to temperature changes throughout the year. They are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance. They can also be custom painted or stained to match your décor, which is an added bonus. The grain and radiant finish of wood shutters will add a touch of warmth to any room.


Faux wood shutters

The look of real wood at a reduced price. If you’re in an area with constant sunlight, this would be the option for your home. They resist insects, flames, and UV light. Since they stand up to heat and high humidity, they are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. Faux wood shutters are easy to clean and will never need refinishing.


Poly synthetic shutters

The look and feel of wood, but at a more affordable price. They are also less prone to the effects of temperature and moisture. Poly-engineered wood shutters would work well in homes with picture windows, French doors, fixed panes, or unusually shaped windows.

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