Motorized Blinds

We specialize in motorized window treatments, a growing trend in the New York City area. Motorized blinds are an excellent choice of window treatment for large windows, groups of windows, or hard-to-reach windows. No need for ladders – you can open or close all blinds at once with no wands, no tilt cords or manual tilting.

Another great feature of motorized blinds is that they can be easily integrated into your existing home automation system and set to timers, light-sensors, or temperature controls. Motorized roller blinds are perfect if you’re trying to figure out what blinds are best for sliding doors or a large patio door. Motorization is also is a great feature for adding extra levels of security at your home while you’re away on a work trip or on vacation.

1. Call 1-212-620-5261 or email to discuss your motorized window treatment project.

2. Schedule an onsite consultation with our experts. We’ll measure your windows and evaluate the scope of the project.

3. We’ll consider electrical factors, such as wiring locations, whether blinds will be integrated into a home automation system, operated by keypad, or remote.

4. Provide your own fabric for our seamstresses. Or schedule an appointment in our showroom, and we’ll order all materials for you. Our experts will install the shades once all materials are ready.


  • Slats: 2″ or greater
  • Control: Battery-powered remote or smartphone
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Integration: Most home automation systems
  • Style: horizontal wood or faux-wood or composite slats

Pair your motorized blinds with motorized shades for maximum convenience. Automate daily repetitive tasks. Use the sun to help heat your home in the winter and automatically close the blinds in the summer to keep the cool air in. Easily tilt the blinds up or down to account for the changing position of the sun throughout the day.

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