Motorized Shades and Blinds

Roller blinds, also called shades or roller shades, are a classic and popular window treatment option. Many prefer blinds over curtains due to their durability. Plus, they are reasonably priced when compared to many other types of window coverings, and can take on a modern or traditional look depending on the color, material, and size. Roller blinds are a great option for an NYC penthouse, a Hampton’s summer house, and everything in between.

If you want to add roller shades to your window treatments, you may now find yourself asking “what blinds should I get?” The blinds that are best for your home or workplace all depends on your needs. Do you want the type of shades that let in the most light or that give you the most privacy? Do you need them motorized for extra ease and security? Let our experts at Distinctive Window Treatment Plus present the options and help make your decisions easier.

Blackout Roller Blinds and Shades for Privacy

If privacy is one of your main concerns when it comes to window coverings for your location, you’re not alone. While roller blinds generally allow some amount of visibility, there is always the option to add layers of blackout shade or privacy shade to your window treatments to achieve a specific level of privacy. Blackout blinds let in the least amount of light and are best for rooms like bedrooms or a media room.

Choosing Motorized Roller Blinds for Your Home

We specialize in motorized window treatments, a growing trend in many homes and apartments in the NYC area. Motorized roller blinds are an excellent choice of window treatment for large windows, groups of windows, or hard-to-reach windows. Skylights are almost always motorized. Another great feature of motorized roller shades and blinds is that they can be easily integrated into your existing home automation system and set to timers, light-sensors, or temperature controls. Motorized roller blinds are perfect if you’re trying to figure out what blinds are best for sliding doors or a large patio door. Motorization is also is a great feature for adding extra levels of security at your home while you’re away on a work trip or on vacation.

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